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Presentation Language: Spanish


This is a documentary focused on plant based foods in Latin America and the United States. It studies Mayan, Native Americans, Aztecs and their food choices. This study presents the benefits of plant based diets and how they are an alternative to fight systems of oppression.

Learning Objectives:

  • Objective 1:

    • Create awareness of the benefits of plant based food diets

  • Objective 2:

    • Create awareness of how food can help fight oppression and be a tool for immigrant communities




Instructor, Communications Specialist

Portland Community College

Eduardo has worked in Web Development for over 7 years. Prior to joining North Clackamas, he worked as a Faculty-Aid Research Assistant for the Harvard Division of Continuing Education, and he has worked as an Instructor of Web Programming and Spanish at Portland Community College. Eduardo earned his B.A. in Political Science from Portland State University, a Masters of Arts in Education & Information Technology from Western Oregon University, a Postgraduate Certificate in Web Technologies from the Harvard School of Continuing Education and a Masters in IT and Digital Media Design at the Harvard School of Continuing Education

Joeanally PortraitNEW.jpg

joeanally gonzalez

Graphic Designer

For as long as she can remember, Joeanally Gonzalez had a passion for the arts and design world. From an early age, Joeanally has been fascinated by different ethnicities around the world and has appreciated the unique beauty that each culture contributes to the world as a whole. While earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from the School of Fine Arts in Puerto Rico, Joeanally also worked in the Puerto Rican film industry for over six years. In pursuit of her passion for the design industry, she relocated to Orlando, Florida, where she worked at Walt Disney World as a costume designer.


After eight successful years with Walt Disney, Joeanally moved to Portland, Oregon, where she quickly became involved in the Latino community. Most notably, she became involved with the Bienestar de la Familia nonprofit to empower women to use art as a way to heal and help them recognize their cultural and social needs. She is also an active member of the East Portland Community Plan, an organization that strives for sustainability by establishing a culture that is equally invested in relationships, processes, and results. In 2018, Joeanally played an active role in a fundraiser through the Social Justice Fund that connected and provided funding for many nonprofits involved in the economic justice movement.


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