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Overcoming Fear: Myths, Taboos, and Sex

A shared characteristic of stigma, myths and taboos is fear of the unknown. If we do not understand something we may reject it. However, we can overcome fear and rejection through communication and understanding.


We have a variety of ways to connect, communicate and understand each other. This can be through storytelling, music, dance, singing, paintings and many other forms. In understanding each other we create stronger connections and can work together for the betterment of our health as a community.


What are myths and/or taboos that come to mind when you think about sex?


What about sexuality and gender? Sexual health? HIV? STIs? Anonymously submit your thoughts on these topics! Our featured artist, Son de Cuba will turn your thoughts and ideas into a song. By bringing to light the taboos, myths, and ideas/ messaging that our community has about highly sensitive health topics, we can help decrease some of the stigma attached to talking about sex and our sexual health and wellbeing.


We highly encourage Latinos, Latinas and Latinx to participate in this event but all are welcome to submit responses to our community survey.

Son De Cuba

Music Performance

June 24th

at our 12th annual Latino Health Equity Conference!

HIV Event #3 English.png

Son de Cuba is a quintet created by musicians from Chile, Mexico, USA and Cuba. We play different kinds of genres such as Salsa, Timba, Son, Merengue, Boleros, Cumbia, Bachata, Latin Jazz, etc. The band consists of: Vocals, piano and bass piano player, Nelson Morales; Lead singer and minor percussion, Freddy Vilches; Sax, flute and vocals, Ramon Brizuela Martinez; American Drummer, Jackson Coffey, and percussionist, vocals and band manager Tony Gonzalez. We are based in Portland, Oregon.

Since three fifths of the band are Cubans, we have roots in latin, african, and jazz rhythms. We blend this vast knowledge of different beats together in classic and modern latin songs, exuding energy, happiness, and encouraging you to dance. With only four performers, we have a full sound and will draw a crowd with our energy and love for our music. Dancing is encouraged, we may even join you! 


We will randomly select 5 people from the survey to win a power bank with a solar charging feature and a Me Cuido, Te Cuido themed notebook.

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