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Quinceañera - In Honor of 15 Years of PDX Latinx Pride
Sunday, June 20th, 10AM PST

**subtítulos en español próximamente**


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Join us on for our amazing virtual event Quinceañera - In Honor of 15 Years of PDX Latinx Pride. This virtual event will showcase drag queens, dance, music and much more. We will also be featuring interviews of the co-founders of Portland Latino Gay Pride (now known as PDX Latinx Pride) and the Chairs of PDX Latinx Pride. We will get to hear their perspectives on the importance of LGBTQ+ spaces for our Laitno/a/x communities.

Interviews with:


David Martinez -- Cofounder of Portland Latino Gay Pride

Melanie Davis -- Cofounder of Portland Latino Gay Pride

Guillermo Hernandez -- Current Chair of PDX Latinx Pride

Michael Cavazos -- Former Entertainment Chair of PDX Latinx Pride

A Quinceañera is the celebration of a girl's 15th birthday as she transitions from childhood to adulthood. It has its cultural roots in Mexico and is widely celebrated today by girls throughout Latin America.


Familias en Acción wants to honor PDX Latinx Pride’s 15th birthday this year and reflect on its journey with its founders, festival chair and performers who have volunteered in the past.

Performances By:


Daniel Gíron (He / They / She)

Daniel Giron is a Dance instructor & Funding Father of the Kiki House of Ada. You may recognize Daniel from being immortalized as a meme with the floor performance in the sand heard ’round the world. Daniel uses his social media not only as a platform to educate on the LatinX Queer experience, but to activate and create change through movement. They shatter gender norms and use art as a means of resistance and equity within communities.

Edna Vazquez (1).jpeg

Edna Vazquez (She / Her)

Edna Vazquez is a fearless singer, songwriter and guitarist whose powerful voice and musical talent embrujan and transcend the boundaries of language to engage and uplift her audience. She is a creative crisol with a vocal range that allows her to paint seamlessly with her original material, an intersection of folk, rock, pop and R&B. Edna’s passion for music and performance grew from her bicultural raices and, with songs deeply rooted in universal human emotion, she has traveled far and wide spreading her message of light, love and cultural healing.


Joaquin Lopez (He / Him / His)

Joaquin Lopez is a counselor and performing artist whose work is grounded in personal transformation, self-expression, and Latino Queer identity. In June of 2019, he released UNIVERSO, an electro-pop album that pays homage to his coming-of-age as a gay man. He is the oldest son of the Lopez family who for twenty years has run La Bonita Mexican restaurants in Portland. Joaquin runs a counseling private practice specializing in men’s issues, personal development, and the bicultural Latino experience.


Nurys Herrera (She / Her)

Nurys has been part of PDX Latinx Pride as a performer for many years. She got invited by her best friend Joaquin Lopez to participate in Voz Alta and since then, she couldn't say no to the celebration. It's such an honor to participate in this Quinceañera along with many friends and SO happy that our current situation didn't stop Latinx Pride from planning a well deserved celebration, in a different way, but here we are and here we go!

Feliz Cumpleaños PDX Latinx Pride!!!

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Kaina Martinez

More info coming soon!

Event will be live on Sunday, June 20th at 10AM PST
Video will be live on this page. See you then!

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