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Call for Workshop Proposals

The 14th annual Latino Health Equity Conference seeks to educate, inform, and advance climate resilience in Latino/x/e communities. We will explore topics that focus on the intersection of climate change and Latino/x/e health. 


Climate change is more than an environmental issue. It is also a racial, economic, social and health equity issue. How is climate change exacerbating existing health disparities for Latino/x/e communities including respiratory diseases, asthma, cardiovascular disease and diabetes? How is climate change uniquely affecting the physical, mental, and emotional health of the Latino/x/e community?

The legacy of inequitable public policy has and continues to put Latino/x/e and other Indigenous and BIPOC communities at greater risk of poor health. We are more likely to live in urban heat islands, have higher exposure to air pollutants and are less likely to be able to afford equipment and services to protect ourselves from climate impacts. What policies and structures are in place now that are causing disproportionate effects on Latino/x/e communities? What culturally-relevant solutions can help Latinos/x/es contribute to mitigating climate change? What are the best ways for engaging our communities including undocumented and Indigenous workers - who are particularly vulnerable to climate disasters including wildfire smoke and extreme weather - in Building Climate Resilience?

Looking within our community for inspiration, Familias en Acción requests proposals for presentations, trainings, workshops, etc. that explore the intersection of climate change, Latino/x/e health and climate resiliency.


We are accepting workshop proposals now through March 21, 2023.


Example presentation topics & themes:

  • Advocacy & Community Engagement

    • What kind of community organizing around climate change is already happening in Latino/x/e communities? How can individuals and communities come together to advocate for change?

  • Environmental Racism/ Liberation 

    • How and why are certain populations of color impacted more by climate change? What policies and structures are in place now that are causing disproportionate effects on Latino/x/e communities? How do we make environmentally friendly products and practices more accessible to all? What culturally-specific solutions can help create an environment where Latino/x/es can contribute to mitigating climate change?

  • Intersections of Climate, Health, Immigration, and Food Insecurity

    • How does climate change impact health? Food insecurity? Immigration? How is food insecurity that is caused by climate change impacting immigration? How can we contribute to food equity and sustainability long-term?

  • Mental/Emotional Health

    • What are ways for us to cope with the mental and emotional impacts of climate change? What are some tools we can use? Where and when can communities seek help?

  • Disaster Preparedness

    • What collaborations exist between government and community-based organizations to  aid in disaster preparedness and disaster planning that is accessible for all communities?

And more! We invite presentations that cover topics not listed above, but that address the intersections of climate change and impacts on Latino/x/e health.

Call for proposal submissions are now closed.

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