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Our call for proposals has closed.

Please email if you have any questions.

Familias en Acción's 15th annual Latino Health Equity Conference is a vibrant intersection of knowledge, advocacy, and cultural celebration. Under the banner of "Nuestra Salud, Nuestro Poder: Cultivating Reproductive Justice," we invite you to help lead our guests in exploring the intersections of reproductive health and the holistic well-being of our vibrant Latino/a/e communities.


Familias en Acción is seeking breakout session presentations that showcase results and outcomes of research, projects, programs, services, advocacy, and community engagement efforts focused on reproductive health, reproductive justice, and Latino/a/e health.

Example topics include:

  • Access & barriers to reproductive healthcare in Latino/a/e communities, rural communities in the PNW

  • Policy challenges related to delivery of reproductive health services

  • Maternal health disparities in our region

  • Teen pregnancy and comprehensive sex education programs

  • Immigration status and its impacts on healthcare access

  • Reproductive rights and advocacy efforts

  • Inclusivity of gender and sexual identities within reproductive health services

  • Community Health Worker Programs

  • Telehealth Initiatives for Reproductive Care

  • Cultural competency and reproductive health outcomes

  • Holistic Maternal Health Outcomes

  • Language Access for Reproductive Justice

  • Intersectionality in Reproductive Health

  • Youth Engagement in Reproductive Health Education

  • Policy Advocacy for Reproductive Justice

  • Mental Health in Reproductive Health

Breakout sessions will be in-person and 75 minutes in length, including 10 minutes for attendees to complete an evaluation of the presentation at the end. Please design your proposal for a 65-minute presentation (including any time you would like to allocate to Q&A). We will only consider proposals for presenters who are able to be in-person in Portland, Oregon on May 22, 2024.

If you have questions or need assistance,

contact Rachel Alford,

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