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15th Annual Latino Health Equity Conference


 May 22, 2024 

1000 NE Multnomah St
Portland, OR 97232

Welcome to Familias en Acción's 15th annual Latino Health Equity Conference, a vibrant intersection of knowledge, advocacy, and cultural celebration. Under the banner of "Nuestra Salud, Nuestro Poder: Cultivating Reproductive Justice," we invite you to join us in exploring the intersection of reproductive health and the holistic well-being of our vibrant Latino/a/e communities.

In the tapestry of Latino/a/e health, the concepts of reproductive health and reproductive justice play pivotal roles. Reproductive health addresses the physical, mental, and social dimensions of an individual's reproductive system, ensuring access to quality healthcare. On the other hand, reproductive justice, echoing the voices of women of color activists, transcends individual health, grappling with societal, economic, and political factors. 

Our collective journey confronts pressing issues, such as how limited access to culturally competent reproductive healthcare remains a challenge and amplifies disparities in maternal and overall health rates within our communities; how language barriers, immigration status, and systemic inequalities compound these challenges. 

This conference is not just an acknowledgment of these issues, but a call to action. Join us in shaping this narrative, advocating for change, and fostering a future of inclusivity and justice. Your presence is not just attendance; it's a contribution to a shared vision of health equity and justice for Latino/a/e communities.

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